The Company

The Company

Angel Security has been active in Greece, in the sensitive field of security services, wholesale & installation of alarm systems and CCTV since 1998 with great success as soon as established as one of the most significant companies in this field.

Angel Security driven by the 20 years experience, the high technical now-how quality that has and the technology that uses but also the specialized personnel which consists of Greeks with superior or supreme educational knowledge and legal license by the Hellenic Ministry of Public Order, provides complete solutions for a really effective security to clients who evaluate appreciatively business services.

Since its establishment Angel Security remains loyal to its steady corporative philosophy which is the transparent relation with the client, wherever that is accomplished through the definite information of the technical needs, the exact estimation of the cost of materials and work, as well as the technical support after the fulfillment of the project and for as long the client wants.



Security in everyday life and the satisfaction of our clients to the maximum grade, that is accomplished with the effectiveness of our processes.





We are addressed at everyone that wants to safeguard:

  • their private and personal life,
  • the regular and unhampered function of their company.

Or they want to find:

  • the reliable & certificated solution at every need of a civil sector or project,
  • as well as the consecutive support in all sectors of security, anywhere our highly professional services are needed in Attica, all around Greece, even abroad.